Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Order Status says "Payment Pending", is there a problem with my order?
Q: Where are BabyLegs made?
Q: How long will it take for my BabyLegs to arrive?
Q: Do you ship outside of the US?
Q: What sizes do BabyLegs come in?
Q: What are BabyLegs made out of?
Q: What are your BabyLegs Organics made out of?
Q: What items are in stock?
Q: What is the shipping cost?
Q: I had trouble placing an order, what should I do?
Q: Can I use my Visa Gift card for online or phone purchases?
Q: Do you allow co-ops?
Q: Can I track my shipment?
Q: My shipment never arrived. What do I do?


Q: How do I exchange or return my BabyLegs?
Q: What can I return?
Q: Does offer replacements and exchanges?
Q: When will I get my refund?
Q: How do I request for a return?
Q: Where do I send my return?
Q: What do I include with my return?
Q: Order number e.g 400008785 How do I find this?

ByeByeBugs™ Frequently Asked Questions